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Guest Agreement House Policies & Rules


Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn, hereinafter referred to as Tuggle’s Gap, strives to provide its Guests, visitors, and patrons with an exceptionally clean, safe, comfortable, and friendly experience, and these House Policies and Rules have been established to secure a positive experience, and are based on industry standards, as well as management, and operational procedures.

A Guest Agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded when Tuggle’s Gap has duly accepted a reservation for accommodation from Guest. Through the Guest Agreement Guest agrees to observe and abide by all policies and rules specified herein, accessible at, and available at the Tuggle’s Gap front desk. Not abiding by these policies and rules may lead to cancellation of stay and/or refusal to use the facilities.

Tuggle’s Gap does not accept any liability for any failure by Tuggle’s Gap to comply with these policies and rules where such failure is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, and reserves the right to vary, amend and/or change these policies and rules at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised policies and rules will be posted at

Nothing herein constitutes or should be deemed to constitute any tenancy or sub-tenancy, or any right of tenancy or sub-tenancy or any right or interest in the Tuggle’s Gap premises or any part or position thereof in favor of any Guest, visitor, or patron. Tuggle’s Gap shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession and control of the premises.

These policies and rules and any particulars not provided herein shall be governed by United States laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices, and each party irrevocably agrees that all disputes are subject to Floyd County, Virginia jurisdiction, who shall have exclusive authority to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Guest Agreement or its subject matter or formation, including non-contractual disputes or claims.

Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to amend, modify, change, cancel, vary, or add to this Guest Agreement. Any modification to the Guest Agreement that occurs before Guest’s departure is considered a part of Guest’s reservations agreement with Tuggle’s Gap. 

A copy of the Guest Agreement is located on Tuggle’s Gap website and available from Staff upon request. 


Tuggle’s Gap makes its best efforts to ensure that all information on its website is accurate. No warranty, expressed or implied, is given that the information provided is error free, and Tuggle’s Gap does not accept liability for any errors and/or omissions, and reserves the right to change the information at any time without notice.


Access to Tuggle’s Gap high-speed Wi-Fi internet is free for Guests, visitors, and patrons. Network name and password are posted in each Guest Room and available from Staff. Tuggle’s Gap assumes no liability for Guest, visitor, or patron internet use.


Normal business hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm seven days a week, subject to temporary changes due to unavoidable causes. Tuggle’s Gap Staff can be reached at telephone: 540-745-3402, (276)692-2220 or email: [email protected].


Reservations shall be subject to the Tuggle’s Gap Guest Agreement and any additional terms which may be notified to the Guest at the time of reservation. In case of conflict, the Guest Agreement prevails.

To secure a reservation, person seeking accommodation shall provide contact information, including phone number and email address, and reservation must be guaranteed with a valid major credit card and confirmed by Tuggle’s Gap. A pre-authorization for the total stay may be taken on the provided credit card.

Reservations cannot be applied to alternative dates, nor extended or reduced without prior agreement with Tuggle’s Gap.

Tuggle’s Gap has a zero-tolerance policy and reserves the right to decline service to anyone for any reason that does not violate Federal or State laws under any of the following and other cases:

  • when force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of Tuggle’s Gap makes fulfillment of reservation not possible;
  • when natural calamities, malfunction of any part of the facilities and/or other unavoidable causes beyond Tuggle’s Gap’s control make it impossible to provide accommodation or services;
  • when all Guest Rooms are booked
  • when the registration does not conform to the provisions of the Guest Agreement, including the provisions regarding payment;
  • when the person seeking accommodation is under 21 years of age;
  • when the person seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct him/herself in a manner that would contravene the laws or act against the public order or good morals;
  • when the person seeking accommodation is determined to be carrying an infectious disease;
  • when the person seeking accommodation makes demands in a threatening fashion;
  • when the person seeking accommodation makes demands that would put an unreasonable burden on Tuggle’s Gap;
  • when Tuggle’s Gap, at its absolute discretion, is of the opinion that the reservation information provided is misleading, false, or incomplete;
  • when Tuggle’s Gap has reasonable grounds to assume that use of the Tuggle’s Gap services may endanger or disrupt the operation, the security, or the image of Tuggle’s Gap;
  • when there is a violation of any policies and rules in the. Guest Agreement

Reservations are personal to Guest and cannot be transferred or resold without the express permission of Tuggle’s Gap.

Reservations shall be guaranteed by Tuggle’s Gap with a valid credit card on file and retained until 10:00 pm on the scheduled date of arrival. A reservation may be cancelled thereafter by Tuggles Gap without further liability on Tuggle’s Gap’s part.

Tuggle’s Gap does its best to ensure reservation arrangements are satisfactory but does not accept any liability for any Guest loss or expenses, financial or otherwise, caused directly or indirectly by events beyond Tuggle’s Gap’s control.

Tuggle’s Gap and Guest are the parties to the Guest Agreement. If a third party made the reservation on behalf of Guest, this party and Guest shall be jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising under the Guest Agreement.

All special requests such as a specific room, adjoining rooms, etc. are noted on reservations and Tuggle’s Gap will make every effort to honor these requests, but availability cannot be guaranteed in advance.

Tuggle’s Gap is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and offers only limited disability accessible Guest Rooms. Person seeking accommodation shall therefore indicate special needs in the registration process and Tuggle’s Gap will do its best to accommodate.

The Tuggle’s Gap room rates are quoted in United States currency plus applicable taxes and are subject to change without prior notice.


Guest is entitled to cancel a reservation without penalty by notifying Tuggle’s Gap no later than 48 hours before scheduled date of check-in. Cancellation later than 48 hours before scheduled check-in shall result in a charge for the first night on the credit card provided at reservation.

When a person with a reservation does not appear by 10:00 pm on the scheduled date of arrival without prior notice, it shall be regarded as cancellation of the reservation by the person seeking accommodation and result in a charge equal of the value of the first night on the credit card provided at reservation. Tuggle’s Gap is not responsible or liable for weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes. travel delays, accidents, vehicle problems, civil disturbance, strikes, theft, acts of terrorism, fire, natural disaster, acts of Government or of any other authorities, changes to Government regulations, or acts of God.


Check-in time is 3:00 pm.  Early check-in is offered based on availability and may be subject to an additional fee.

At check-in, person seeking accommodation must be at least 21 years of age, provide a valid ID, a major credit card, contact information, including phone number and email address, and occasionally, for security reasons, license plate number/vehicle description.

Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right, including and without limitation, to charge Guest for all property damage, missing or damaged items, smoking violation fee, cleaning fee, guest compensation, etc.

Tuggle’s Gap does not accept checks and does not provide check cashing services.

Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse check-in and release any reservation without penalty, loss, or damage to Tuggle’s Gap: where the person seeking accommodation: 

  • is not at least 21 years of age;
  • does not provide a valid ID and credit card;
  • refuses to abide by the laws and regulations of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the policies and rules established by Tuggle’s Gap;
  • refuses or fails to pay for accommodations or services;
  • is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance; 
  • acts in a disorderly, abusive, threatening, aggressive, or impolite, fashion or is likely to cause annoyance, disturbance or danger to other Guests, visitors, patrons, Staff, or vendors;
  • seeks to use the premises for unlawful purposes;
  • seeks to bring onto the premises an unlawfully possessed firearm, explosive, hazardous or toxic substance, 
  • makes unreasonable demands;
  • is known to have a past record of similar act(s).

Guest is advised to check the provided Guest Room carefully and report any pre-existing damages or room issues to Staff within 30 minutes of check-in to avoid responsibility and potential charges, and to enable Staff to rectify problems or provide an alternate room. Unreasonable demands and failure to report shortcomings are not cause for cancellation or refund.

Only those Guests to whom a room is allocated may occupy the room.

Tuggle’s Gap will do its best to provide requested room type, but cannot guarantee availability at the time of check-in, and Guest cannot claim for the use of a particular Guest Room.

If Tuggle’s Gap fails to have a room available at check-in for a person with a confirmed reservation, Tuggle’s Gap will apply its best effort to provide a room in another property of similar standard on the same terms and conditions for the first night of the reservation. If arrangement of other accommodation cannot be made, notwithstanding the efforts by Tuggle’s Gap, the person seeking accommodation shall be paid compensation equivalent to the value of the Tuggle’s Gap charge for the first night. Through such payment, Tuggle’s Gap shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation to compensate for the damages incurred. If Tuggle’s Gap’s inability to provide accommodation is attributable to circumstances beyond its control, no compensation will be paid.

Subject to the Guest Agreement, Guest shall occupy the room as bare licensee only and no relationship of Tuggle’s Gap and Guest shall be created by the Guest’s use of the room, and Tuggle’s Gap retains control, possession, and management of the room.


Parking for registered Guests, visitors, and patrons for the duration of the stay or visit, is available in areas intended for parking. Parking is not allowed directly in front of the Guest Rooms and where vehicles may cause obstruction. Motorcycles are not allowed to be parked under the roof awning in front of the Guest Rooms. Parking violators may be fined.

Guests are advised to ensure cars are locked securely, that all windows are securely closed, and possessions left out of sight and that the car’s alarm is engaged.

All vehicles are parked at Guest’s, visitor’s, or patron’s risk and Tuggle’s Gap shall not assume liability or responsibility for any vehicle, occupants, or contents while operated or parked on the property, and not be liable for loss or damage to a vehicle where such liability is outside of the control of Tuggle’s Gap.

Guests, visitors, and patrons shall not have exclusive possession of any parking space, and Tuggle’s Gap may in its discretion request a vehicle to be moved to avoid obstruction, or in order to perform repairs or maintenance of the premises.

If a vehicle is left in the parking area without prior notification after Guest, visitor, or patron has departed, Tuggles Gap reserves the right to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

Any damage to the property or any property of Guests, visitors, or patrons caused by parking or parked vehicles shall be immediately reported to the Staff, and damages to another vehicle should also be reported by the Guest to the owner of that vehicle.

Guests, visitors, and patrons shall not cause any nuisance or inconvenience in the parking areas, deposit trash outside of provided receptacles, nor repair vehicles or pour or transfer fuels.

Idling of vehicle for more than three minutes is not allowed.


All Tuggle’s Gap Guest Rooms are cleaned before arrival and after check-out. To conserve resources and minimize environmental impacts, room cleaning and turndown services will not be offered during stays of less than three nights. Guests staying continuously for longer than three nights shall have room serviced after three days during their period of stay. Further housekeeping may be scheduled upon request for a fee. Fresh towels and additional supplies are continuously available from Staff.


Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to enter Guest Rooms for reasonable purposes, such as for housekeeping, maintenance, repair, verifying that the room, its furnishings, and equipment are intact, or to address or prevent a violation of the Guest Agreement, and Guest occupying the room shall not have a right to deny such room access.

Staff will normally knock and announce themselves before entering a Guest Room, unless it is believed that exigent circumstances exist. Staff reserves the right to enter a room with a known status of “Do Not Disturb” in the event of an emergency, suspected illegal activity, disturbance of other Guests, or damage being done to property. In the event of suspected illegal activity, Staff reserves the right to summon law enforcement who will be granted immediate access as the right to privacy ends when a law, policy, or rule is broken.


Check-out time is 11:00. If a later check-out is required, Guest must notify Tuggle’s Gap prior to the scheduled time of check-out, and Tuggle’s Gap will try to accommodate the request. A charge may apply for late check-out.

Guest who would like to extend stay beyond the scheduled departure date should notify Tuggle’s Gap before the scheduled time of check-out, and Tuggle’s Gap will do its best to accommodate the request, including potentially relocating Guest to a different room. An extension of stay is liable to be offered at rate applicable at the time the extension request is made.

On the agreed date of departure Guest shall vacate the room no later than 11.00 am, lock the door, and leave the key in the room. Bed linen and towels should remain in the room.

A fee of $25 will be charged for lost or not returned Guest Room key.

As a summary check is made of the room around check-out time, and a more detailed review of the condition of the room and all equipment and facilities will be made soon after check-out, and before another Guest occupies the room, Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to make charges for any found violations of the Guest Agreement, loss, damage, or breakage in or around the Guest Room.

If Guest does not vacate the room to ensure that it is made available to Staff at the agreed upon check-out time, Tuggle’s Gap may demand payment for another day at a rate applicable at the time of the failure to vacate without prejudice to further claims for damages by Tuggle’s Gap. If Tuggle’s Gap is required to accommodate other Guests in a different hotel due to Guest vacating the room late, Guest must pay all costs incurred in this connection.

Should Guest fail to vacate the room upon request, Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to evict Guest and remove any left property, for which Tuggle’s Gap may charge Guest for storage and administrative costs. Tuggle’s Gap will have a lien on Guest’s property which it may sell to settle the Guest’s account, and Guest shall indemnify Tuggle’s Gap for any losses suffered by way of Guest vacating the room or failing to settle his/her account. 

The (balance of) the ‘incident hold’ will be released back to the credit card provided as soon as the Guest Room has been found in good condition or an assessment of the cost of any damages and/or losses has been made.


Pets, including ADA Compliant Service Animals and emotional support pets, are only allowed in designated Guest Rooms for a fee. Failure to confirm the presence of an animal on the Tuggle’s Gap premises will result in reservation and occupancy termination and a charge of $250.


Children of all ages are welcomed to Tuggle’s Gap with parents, guardians, or chaperones personally and legally responsible for properly supervising them at all times. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to be left unattended in Guest Rooms or to roam the property unsupervised.


Tuggle’s Gap is a smokefree property, that includes all Guest Rooms, the shop, restaurant, and decks, as well as within 15 feet of the shop and restaurant entrance.

For safety and to assure that the Guest Rooms are not exposed to items or actions that create objectionable odors, and that are difficult to remove from the air, carpet, walls, and furniture, Tuggle’s Gap does not permit smoking or vaping of any kind in the Guest Rooms, and Guest agrees to a $250 fine (minimum) if ANY traces, scents, or evidence of smoking is found in the Guest Room occupied by Guest.

Smoking is only allowed in outside marked areas, and ashes and cigarette butts are to be disposed in the receptacles provided.


Registered Guests and visitors of legal age who bring their own alcoholic beverages must consume those in, or adjacent to, their Guest Room and be in compliance with state liquor laws.


Guests, visitors, and patrons who are lawfully permitted to possess a firearm may bring such firearm onto Tuggle’s Gap premises, provided that it is for storage purposes only, and the firearm remains at all times unloaded and safely secured in a locked container provided by Guest. Anybody in possession of a firearm on Tuggle’s Gap premises is personally responsible for abiding all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and failure to abide policy may result in eviction with no refunds.


No direct heat, hotplates, griddles, grills, or open flame for heating, cooking, or other purpose is allowed in the Guest Rooms or on the Tuggle’s Gap premises. Guests found cooking, heating, or burning will face immediate termination of reservation and occupancy with no refunds.

All Guest Rooms are equipped with smoke detectors and outside fire extinguishers. Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to take action against any Guest or visitor found to have tampered or interfered with any detection or firefighting equipment who will be evicted and charged with a $250 (minimum) fine plus any costs incurred due to their actions. Depending on the severity of the actions, law enforcement may become involved at Tuggles Gap’s discretion. 

Should tampering with firefighting or detection equipment come to light after Guest has departed, Tuggle’s Gap is authorized to charge Guest’s credit card for the fine and any damage incurred.


In case of an emergency or fire, Guests must immediately notify Staff and call 911.


Guest is responsible for visitors, who are not allowed after 10:00 pm and must be accompanied by registered Guest at all times.

Guest Room occupancy requirements are based on fire code/fire safety restrictions, and standard room maximum occupancy is four (4), unless otherwise specified.

To ensure that Guests are safeguarded and not disturbed at all times, gatherings exceeding the maximum allowable occupancy, parties, loud disturbances, and/or noise-nuisance are not allowed or tolerated in the Guest Rooms and on the premises. Guest becoming aware of a disturbance should ask Staff to respond to potential violations of the policies and rules. 

In the event of a disturbance, one polite request (warning) will be given by Staff, and if the request is not followed, Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to evict any visitor and ask Guest to leave the premises without refund, and potentially assessing a Guest Compensation Disturbance Fee. 

Guests and visitors who refuse to abide by the policies and rules established by Tuggle’s Gap may be evicted with no refund and additional fees may apply for infraction(s) of the policies and rules.


From 10:00 pm to 7:00 am Tuggle’s Gap goes into hush mode for Quite (or sleep) Time. Voices, TVs, and other devices must be kept at a respectful low level at all times, and doors should be opened and closed quietly. Gatherings in or outside rooms should be limited to the room occupants, abiding to the Quite Time rules.


During Guest’s stay, the Guest Room and all its equipment and furniture should be treated with care and kept in order, and Guest shall immediately notify Staff of any damages, breakages, or shortfalls.

Guest is responsible for any loss, damage or breakage found, howsoever caused (whether by the deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to the Guest Rooms, premises, or property, that are over and above normal wear, tear, and usage.

Guest is liable for any loss or damage caused by Guest or any person in Guests’ party, visitors, or any person for whom Guest is responsible if it is proven beyond doubt that damage to the asset of Tuggle’s Gap, has been done or caused by Guest, or any person for whom Guest is responsible.

Damage to rooms, fixtures, furnishing and equipment, including the removal of furniture, equipment, towels, artwork, etc. will be charged at 150% of full and new replacement or repair value plus any shipping and handling charges. In extreme cases, criminal charges may be pursued.

Tuggles Gap reserves the right to retain Guest’s credit card details as presented at registration and charge such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem necessary to compensate or make good the cost or expenses incurred or suffered by Tuggle’s Gap as a result of the aforesaid. Should loss or damage come to light after the Guest has departed, Tuggle’s Gap reserves the right to charge the credit card for any loss or damage incurred to the Guest Room or the property during Guest’s stay, including and without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items, smoking fine, cleaning fee, Guest compensation, etc.

Guest Room found with waste strewn around, in complete disorder, and/or “trashed” will be subject to a maintenance deep-cleaning fee, administration fee and/or third party fees.

Damage to mattresses and linen including towels, mattress pads, sheets, bedspreads, blankets resulting from the use of body oils, make-up, shoe-polish, etc. may result in a charge for required special cleaning, repair, or replacement of the damaged article.

Bringing in any infestation into Guest Rooms or onto the Tuggle’s Gap premises, may result in a charge for any and all costs and expenses for immediate or urgent response requirements and loss of room revenue.

Tuggle’s Gap is not responsible for any valuable left in the Guest Rooms, vehicles, or on the premises, and Guests are advised to be adequately insured, vigilant and take reasonable care over their property.

While Tuggle’s Gap will make all reasonable efforts to protect the property of Guests, Tuggle’s Gap’s liability for theft, loss, or damage to the property of the Guests is limited. In no event shall Tuggle’s Gap be liable for any Guest’s loss of profit, revenue, anticipated saving, business opportunity, goodwill, corruption of data, damage resulting from third party claims or indirect or consequential losses, etc., and Guest agrees that the risk of such loss lies with Guest.


Tuggle’s Gap assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings, and Staff should be notified of missing or left behind items of value. Found items, thought to be left or misplaced by somebody else, must be brought to Staff.

Unclaimed property found on the premises is logged and kept in a secure location for a period of one (1) month, after which items are either disposed of, sold, or donated to charity. Claimed items can be collected with valid identification or alternatively shipped on behalf of Guest at Guest’s expense.

Perishable items retrieved from rooms after check-out are only held until close of business that day.

Tuggle’s Gap accepts no responsibility for contacting individuals in relation to lost property. 


Food served at Tuggle’s Gap may contain specific allergens. In compliance with applicable food laws and regulations, Tuggle’s Gap will provide specific allergen information regarding food it serves upon request and, with reasonable prior notice, use reasonable endeavors to adjust such food to accommodate particular dietary requirements requested by Guest, visitor, or patron. It is Guest’s visitor’s, or patron’s responsibility to notify Tuggles Gap of any dietary requirements and Tuggle’s Gap will endeavor to accommodate. Subject to applicable law, any food served by Tuggles Gap is consumed at the Guest’s, visitor’s, or patron’s own risk.


The information provided to Tuggle’s Gap by Guest during reservation, check-in, and check-out is limited to information necessary for Tuggle’s Gap to manage and fulfill a reservation and stay. The information will be handled by Tuggle’s Gap in accordance with applicable data protection requirements and is not shared with third parties.

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