Built In Anticipation Of The Blue Ridge Parkway Being Built

In 1938 General Boyd, Ward Spangler & two other business partners built a small building where Route 8 passes over the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This was the spot where the newly authorized Blue Ridge Parkway was slated to run along the border of Floyd and Patrick counties in southwest Virginia. Originally called the Parkway Service Center, the little business was nothing more than a single room shop selling glass bottle sodas, snacks and other basic supplies to those who first came through building the Parkway.

Tuggle's Gap Roadside Inn
Tuggle's Gap Roadside Inn

A Family Business Serving Up Good Food, Comfortable Accommodation and Great Service

The newly opened store and gas station was in operation when the Parkway saw its first visitors passing by Milepost 165 in the late 1930s. Before too long, Boyd’s daughter Irene married Spangler’s son George, and this next generation took over operation of the small business. They took up residence in the lower level of the building and raised a son while serving up fine food and hospitality upstairs. During the American motel boom of the late 1940s the young Spangler family added the ten guest 'cabins' as well as a kitchen and dining room. They owned and operated the restaurant and motel at Tuggle's Gap until the mid 1980s.

New Owners Undertake Massive Renovations in 2021

Father and son duo Bjorn & Nick Bieneck closed on the property in early September 2021 and immediately embarked on comprehensive renovations across the property.  The rooms had not been fully updated since they were built in the 1940s and did not offer heating, air conditioning, television or WiFi at the time of purchase.  The rooms are modern and comfortable as they were originally.  High performance mini-split heating/AC units in each room as well as smart TVs and dedicated broad internet connection bring them well into the 21st century. The only thing that was protected in the rooms during renovation was the beautiful original hardwood floors.